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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Im back!

Hello! I have been so terribly lazy on blog maintenance these past months. I've returned to uni to complete my final year of my Teaching Degree so study has taken up a lot of my time.
Luckily, i've been busy cooking. Im going to try and bring you and Homemade up to date. I've also been spending a lot more time taking photos. I love taking photos of my food, but have been getting out there and capturing my beautiful part of Australia, Newcastle. Im on so you should check me out there, @kittykaty180. There's lots of great photos of delicious food.
But for now ill be updating the blog, starting with something I made recently for the first time in months. Mexican Tortilla Stack! So check out the post and please keep an eye out for more exciting stuff. We really have had some fun in the kitchen over this summer just past.

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