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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Roast Capretto

We recently discovered a wonderful new bulk butcher nearby! Not only can we stock up on wonderful quality staples, these guys carry some beautiful hard to get meats and poultry. When I saw a leg of goat or Capretto, I was quite excited. While I've never cooked goat, or eaten it for that matter, I love lamb, and am so seduced by Greek cooking. If only i had a spit! I went home and did some reading on cooking goat. Thanks to some great blogs, and a wonderful document courtesy of Mathom Farm Goat Dairy in Tasmania I found some great recipes for goat.
One of these was thanks to Ivy at Kopiaste to Greek Hospitality. I used her Cypriot roast goat recipe as a base for tonight's dinner. I also added some of my own favourite touches.

First I threw some potatoes, carrots, red onions, garlic and rosemary in the bottom of a roasting pan, with a drizzle of olive oil, and sprinkle of salt and pepper. I inserted some garlic and rosemary under the skin of the goat. I rubbed some Maldon Sea Salt, black pepper, and Cobram Estate Olive Oil into the meat, which was placed on a roasting rack in the tray. Into the pan I poured 1/3 of a cup of water, juice of half a lemon, and a drizzle of olive oil over everything. Top with a generous pinch of freshly ground cinnamon and some oregano.

I cooked the meat for an hour in a preheated oven of 180 degrees C. At half an hour I turned the meat, and added some parsnip and swede, which was used for a puree.

After an hour of cooking, the meat was removed and rested under some foil for about 10 minutes.

While the meat was resting I took the parsnip and swede out of the roasting tray and made a puree in the food processor with melted butter mixed with milk and added dollop of sour cream. I seasoned it with a pinch of salt, pepper and cinnamon.

The rest of the vegetables were left in the oven which was turned up to 200 degrees C. In the last minute or so I threw in some chunks of feta to bake.

The finished dish was better than I could have hoped. The goat was tender and full of flavour, the veggies tasted delicious with the baked feta and the parsnip and swede puree was amazing!